Welcome to our Community Center

Welcome to our newly implemented community center! This is a more traditional space for you to connect with other dog lovers – you can send messages and friend requests, and let people know a little bit about yourself and your interests. You’ll have to log in to create a blog post.

If you’d like to post your own content and blog, feel free to add it to your profile. You can write about anything so long as it is dog related – let everyone know about your daily adventures with your dog or dogs. You can even submit posts if it relates to a dog related product or service you offer. If you’re part of a non-profit or for-profit dog organization, you can blog about your current activities as well. You can set your blog post to be viewed by everyone or registered/logged in users only.

Keep it clean, respectful and safe. Abusive, harassing, inappropriate and sexual content will be deleted without notice, and you can be banned without warning for violating any of our terms of service at our discretion.

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