Furhaven Insulated Pet Dog Bed Mat Review

Furhaven Pet Dog Bed Mat | Insulated Self-Warming Pet Bed Mat, Water-Resistant Thermal Throw Blanket

Have you ever seen the silver space blankets that get thrown around a runner at the end of a marathon? These non-electric warming dog blankets work in much the same way by reflecting heat.

Your dog lies on either of the sides, either the soft terry side or the equally soft one made from faux fleece, and immediately feels warmth. This is caused by his natural body heat reacting with the reflective thermal mat on the inside of the blanket.

We love the safety factor, no dangerous power cables for him to chew or trip over. Not having to keep the heating on all day will have a positive effect on your bank balance too!

The mat can be thrown across every surface for him to snuggle on. Soft furnishings and the car seats will benefit from the waterproof lining!

Key Features

  • Soft, reassuring, and comforting
  • No running costs, electricity-free
  • Available in a multitude of colors and sizes
  • Waterproof inner layer
  • Machine washable

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