Heart Stopping Canine Chases – narrow escapes, focused takedowns and lucky breaks, these dogs were on the run!

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These dogs are on the move!


Dog Chase on I-17 Freeway in Phoenix, Arizona

This little guy is so lucky he made it through all that traffic for an entire hour. Caught on chopper cam, Feb 2018:


Bodycam Footage of Sniffer Dog Chasing Suspect in Queensland

Queensland Police released footage of one of their drug detection dogs tracking a man evading arrest, Mar 2018:


This cyclist chases a tiny dog down busy streets trying to save it

He captured it all on his helmet cam In Mexico city. It is narrated by the cyclist who did it, Nov 2017:

This dog tries to chase some puppies away

He soon regrets it. Never mess with mama’s pups, lol. Mar 2018:


Police K-9 stops suspect in his tracks in Southern California

This dog sprints into action and tackles him down, Feb 2018:

Beagles chase a car in the UK

These guys can run. Yes, it’s a remote controlled car, Feb 2018:


Heartbreaking footage of dog chasing after car for miles

The small dog eventually gets exhausted and gives up. The lucky pup is then taken care of by his local community in Russia who come together to take care of Dinky and her puppies.




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